Simple Peony Drawing Guide

Prepare to dive into a world of fluffy petals and delicate beauty with this peony drawing tutorial for kids. Grab your pencils and let’s create some breathtaking peony blossoms together!

Simple Peony Drawing Guide

  • Start by sketching a small circle for the peony’s center
  • Draw short, curved lines around the circle to form the inner petals
  • Create layers of longer, wavy petals around the inner petals, making them look fluffy and full
  • Add some leaves by drawing irregular, elongated shapes with pointed tips and a center vein
  • Finish with a stem, connecting it to the leaves and the base of the peony blossom

Materials Needed:

  • Paper, Pencil, Eraser, Colour Supplies & Marker (Optional)

How to Draw a Peony

Step by Step Guide for a Peony Drawing

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5


Step 6


Step 7


Fantastic job on drawing a gorgeous peony! Keep practicing to perfect your peony drawing skills and try out different colors and sizes. Share your masterpieces with loved ones and brighten their day with these beautiful flowers.

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About Peony

A luxurious and extravagant flower, the peony is known for its large, lush blooms and soft petals. Often associated with wealth and prosperity, it is a symbol of honor, romance, and good fortune.