How to Draw a Yuzu

Let’s add a citrusy and refreshing touch to your artistic skills with this tutorial on how to draw a yuzu! Yuzu is a fruit that is native to East Asia and is known for its fragrant and tart flavor. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to create a realistic and detailed yuzu drawing that’s sure to make your artistic talents shine. Even if you’ve never seen or tasted a yuzu before, don’t worry – we’ll guide you through each step and make it easy and enjoyable for you. So, grab your pencils and let’s embark on this zesty and artistic journey together!


Materials Needed:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Coloring Supplies

Perfect For:

  • Kids
  • Newbies

How to Draw a Yuzu

Easy Yuzu Drawing for Kids – Step by Step Tutorial

First, draw this curvy line to start shaping th leaf of the yuzu.


Draw this line to complete the leaf.


Next, draw the stem of the fruit.


Now draw this round and wavy shape to form the yuzu.


Now, draw these little wavy lines that represent the oil cells of the fruit.


Continue adding details to make the fruit more realistic.


We’ve reached the end of this tutorial on how to draw a yuzu. Your final sketch should look like the image on the right. Now you can add some colors to make your drawing more realistic. Do not forget to show off your little and colorful masterpiece to your friends and family.


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About the Yuzu

Yuzu is a type of citrus fruit that is native to East Asia and is commonly used in Japanese cuisine.

It has a round or oblong shape and a yellow or greenish-yellow color. Yuzu has a very distinctive flavor that is tart, acidic, and slightly bitter.

It is often used in sauces, dressings, marinades, and cocktails, and it is a popular ingredient in traditional Japanese dishes, such as yuzu kosho (a spicy paste made from yuzu peel, chili peppers, and salt) and ponzu (a citrus-based sauce).

Yuzu has a strong, unique flavor that some kids might find sour or bitter, but others might enjoy its tangy taste.

If you’ve never tried yuzu before, it might be worth giving it a taste and seeing if you like it. You might find that you enjoy its bright and zesty flavor in your food or drinks.