How to Draw a Yeti

Get ready for a frosty adventure as we explore the snowy mountains to learn how to draw a Yeti! Put on your warmest clothes and grab your drawing tools, because we’re about to meet the abominable snowman!


Materials Needed:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Coloring Supplies

Perfect For:

  • Kids
  • Newbies

How to Draw a Yeti

  • Start with a large oval shape for the body, followed by a smaller circle on top for the head
  • Sketch two big, round eyes and a wide, friendly smile
  • Add a small, round nose and two small, curved lines for eyebrows
  • Draw two big, furry arms with curved claws
  • Create two sturdy legs with large, rounded feet
  • Finish by adding fur details and shading to bring your Yeti to life

Easy Yeti Drawing for Kids – Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5


Step 6


Step 7


Step 8


Step 9


Step 10


Fantastic job! You’ve conquered the art of drawing a Yeti. Share your wintry creation with friends and family, and encourage them to try drawing their own mythical creatures. You might even inspire a Yeti drawing competition!


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About the Yeti

The Yeti, also known as the Abominable Snowman, is a creature from Himalayan folklore that is said to inhabit the mountainous regions of Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. It is typically described as a large, ape-like creature that is covered in thick, white fur.

The legend of the Yeti has been around for centuries, with many stories and sightings passed down through generations. While there is no concrete evidence that the Yeti actually exists, many people continue to search for the creature in the hope of proving its existence.