How to Draw a Triceratops

Get ready for a thrilling artistic journey as we learn how to draw a Triceratops, one of the most recognizable and well-loved dinosaurs of all time! Gather your pencils, paper, and sense of adventure, as we bring this three-horned wonder to life on the page. You’ll soon be creating amazing Triceratops drawings that will leave your friends and family in awe. Let’s jump into this prehistoric escapade and start drawing!

final drawing-how to draw a triceratops

Materials Needed:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Coloring Supplies

Perfect For:

  • Kids
  • Newbies

How to Draw a Triceratops

  • Start your Triceratops drawing with a small oval for its head.
  • Connect a larger, rounded shape for the dinosaur’s body.
  • Draw two large, oval eyes on the head, with a small, rounded shape for the nose.
  • Sketch a wide, curved line for the mouth and add a small, curved line for the jaw.
  • Add a large, curved frill behind the head, with a series of small, triangular shapes along the edge.
  • Draw three sharp horns: one on the nose and two above the eyes.
  • Create four strong legs extending from the body, each consisting of several segments connected by small curves and ending in large, clawed toes.
  • Add a short, thick tail extending from the rear end of the body.
  • Complete your drawing by adding details, such as scales or additional lines, and color your Triceratops using shades of green, brown, or any color you prefer.

Easy Triceratops Drawing for Kids – Step by Step Tutorial

how to draw a triceratops step 1
how to draw a triceratops step 2
how to draw a triceratops step 3
how to draw a triceratops step 5
how to draw a triceratops step 6
how to draw a triceratops step 7
how to draw a triceratops step 8
how to draw a triceratops step 9

Well done! You’ve mastered how to draw a Triceratops, and your artistic skills have reached new heights. Share your stunning Triceratops drawings with the world and inspire others to tap into their creativity. Remember to keep practicing and exploring the fascinating world of dinosaurs, as there are so many more incredible creatures just

final sketch-how to draw a triceratops

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About the Triceratops

Triceratops was a large, herbivorous dinosaur that lived around 65 million years ago. It had three large horns on its head and a large frill around its neck, which it used to defend itself against predators. Triceratops was one of the last dinosaurs to become extinct and it’s a popular subject of study among paleontologists.