How to Draw a Tennis Player

Serve up some fun with this fantastic tutorial on how to draw a tennis player! This guide is perfect for young artists and tennis fans alike. So, pick up your pencils and get ready to create an ace athlete in no time!


Materials Needed:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Coloring Supplies

Perfect For:

  • Kids
  • Newbies

How to Draw a Tennis Player

  • Start with an oval for the head and a larger oval for the body.
  • Sketch lines for the arms and legs, positioning the tennis player in a ready-to-serve stance.
  • Draw the hands and feet, adding details like fingers and tennis shoes.
  • Add muscles and joints to the arms and legs using curved lines.
  • Sketch the tennis player’s outfit, including the shirt, shorts/skirt, and visor or headband.
  • Draw a tennis racket in one of the player’s hands and a tennis ball in the other.
  • Add facial features like the eyes, nose, and mouth, and any accessories like wristbands or sunglasses.
  • Outline your drawing with ink or dark pencil lines, erasing any remaining sketch lines.
  • Color your tennis player drawing using your choice of vibrant colors.

Easy Tennis Player Drawing for Kids – Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5


Step 6


Step 7


Step 8


Step 9


Step 10


Step 11

how to draw a tennis player step 7a

Step 12


Step 13


Step 14


Step 15


Step 16


Step 17


Game, set, match! You’ve successfully learned how to draw a tennis player, capturing the dynamic energy of this amazing athlete. Keep practicing and experiment with different poses, outfits, and court settings to create a whole series of tennis-inspired drawings. Have fun and enjoy your artistic journey!


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About the Tennis Player

A tennis player is someone who plays tennis, which is a really fun sport. Tennis is played with a racket and a ball, and the goal is to hit the ball over a net and into the other player’s court.

Tennis players need to be really good at hand-eye coordination, and they need to have good reflexes to be able to hit the ball back to their opponent. They also need to be able to move quickly on the court and have good endurance to keep playing for a long time.

Tennis players can play against each other in singles or doubles, and they can compete in tournaments to see who is the best.

Being a tennis player can be a really fun way to stay active and meet new friends.

So why not grab a racket and a ball and start practicing your swing? Who knows, you might just become the next tennis superstar!