How to Draw a Scorpion

Get ready to add some sting to your art with this tutorial on how to draw a scorpion!

Scorpions are known for their intimidating appearance and venomous sting, making them a fascinating subject for drawing.

And in this tutorial, you’ll learn how to draw a vibrant scorpion step-by-step, from its distinctive shape to its claws and tail.

final drawing-how to draw a scorpion

Materials Needed:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Coloring Supplies

Perfect For:

  • Kids
  • Newbies

How to Draw a Scorpion

  • Start your scorpion drawing by sketching a small oval for its head.
  • Add a larger oval attached to the head for the body.
  • Draw a curved line extending from the body to create the scorpion’s tail, finishing it with a pointed, curved stinger.
  • For the legs, draw four pairs of thin, curved lines extending from the sides of the body, each leg consisting of several segments.
  • Draw two large pincers in front of the head using curved lines and adding a pointed tip at the end of each pincer.
  • Finish your drawing by adding details such as shading or patterns, and color your scorpion.

Easy Scorpion Drawing for Kids – Step by Step Tutorial

how to draw a scorpion step 1
how to draw a scorpion step 2
how to draw a scorpion step 3
how to draw a scorpion step 4
how to draw a scorpion step 5
how to draw a scorpion step 6
how to draw a scorpion step 7
how to draw a scorpion step 8

Congratulations, you’ve successfully learned how to draw a scorpion! With its fierce appearance and menacing stinger, your scorpion drawing is sure to make an impact. Whether you’re drawing for fun or incorporating it into a larger art piece, you can now confidently draw a scorpion that captures its unique and intimidating features.

final sketch-how to draw a scorpion

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About the Scorpion

A scorpion is a type of insect that has a long, curly tail and a pointed stinger at the end. Scorpions are usually brown or black and can be found in warm, dry places like deserts and forests.

Scorpions are predators, which means they hunt and eat other animals. They use their strong claws to catch their prey and their stinger to inject venom, which can make their prey feel very sick or even die.

Scorpions are not friendly creatures, and it’s best to stay away from them. If you come across a scorpion, be careful and give it space. If you get stung, it’s important to tell an adult right away.