How to Draw a Kangaroo

Hi there, young artists! Let’s hop into the world of marsupials as we learn how to draw a kangaroo. These iconic Australian animals are known for their powerful hind legs and unique pouches. In this tutorial, we’ll guide you step by step, so you can create an awesome kangaroo drawing that’s sure to impress.

final drawing-how to draw a kangaroo

Materials Needed:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Coloring Supplies

Perfect For:

  • Kids
  • Newbies

How to Draw a Kangaroo

Easy Kangaroo Drawing – Step by Step Tutorial

First, let’s draw the two ears of the kangaroo.

how to draw a kangaroo step 1

Next, let’s outline the bulb-like shape of its face.

how to draw a kangaroo step 2

Add this v-shape to fully form its head.

how to draw a kangaroo step 3

Now, it’s time to draw body and the tail of the kangaroo. Leave two open spaces.

how to draw a kangaroo step 4

Now, draw the right feet of the kangaroo.

how to draw a kangaroo step 5

Finally, draw its left feet.

how to draw a kangaroo step 6

Well done, mate! You’ve successfully learned how to draw a kangaroo.

Your final drawing should look like the sketch on the right.

Now, it’s time to add some colors to complete the drawing and make it more realistic.

Keep practicing and check out more of our entertaining drawing tutorials.

final sketch-how to draw a kangaroo

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About the Kangaroo

The kangaroo is an amazing animal with unique physical characteristics and behavior. Let’s look at some interesting facts about this fascinating mammal as well as learn how to identify a kangaroo.

Kangaroos are mammals that resemble large hopping rats and live in central Australia, New Guinea, and some parts of Asia.

They are the largest terrestrial animals in the world and can jump up to 36 ft or 10m high. Kangaroos have hind legs that closely resemble those of a human but their front legs work like dogs.

Kangaroos also have huge feet that act as a platform for their powerful tail which help them to support their own weight and jump high. Kangaroos are herbivores and subsist on grasses, plants, flowers and some tree leaves.

The kangaroo’s black tail is very important for its balance so it would be wise for a predator to attack its head instead (if he can catch it in the first place, of course).